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Originally founded as CNCNET, we have been providing simple, reliable IRC to our users for over 12 years.

Our focus is on security and reliability.

We provide complete encryption via SSL client connections and AES server links.

We run a modified hybrid-7 with OFTC's patchset and some other changes.

(For more information on our server software, see the ircd development page)

Standard ChanServ/NickServ network services are also provided.

Client Servers

 Round-robins: irc.blackcobalt.net & irc.cobaltirc.org
location: Dallas, TX
clients: 6667 ssl: 6669 6697
admin: Aerv operators: Keolah Klaynos
administrative channel: #blackcobalt
location: Newark, NJ
clients: 6667 ssl: 6669 6697
admin: avenj operators: Moled mooeypoo
administrative channel: #eris
location: Amsterdam, NL
clients: 6667 ssl: 6669 6697
admin: avenj

User Help and Resources

Documentation can be found at the cobaltirc 'eriswiki'

For network help and discussion, join #blackcobalt (#blackcobalt webirc) or use '/stats p' to find an operator.

We offer a web interface for chatting from a browser. Try it out -- enter a nick name and use /list to find a channel.

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